The lethal weapon season 3 : what you can expect in the new episodes without Clayne Crawford

A season of breakthrough has not started under the best auspices, and which must re-create a new duo, this is the challenge of The lethal Weapon for these new episodes, which begins Tuesday night on TF1. Copyright John P Fleenor/FOX to Bounce back after a season-ending hectic It was on the order paper in the order paper at the end of season 2. The production of The lethal Weapon, hit by turmoil in the scenes, has ousted Clayne Crawford (Martin Riggs) and engaged Seann William Scott (Stifler from American Pie) to take his place. We thought things returned more or less in the order but it was without counting on the surprise announcement that it was Damon Wayans who revealed want to leave the series to turn to medical reasons (he is suffering from type 2 diabetes), and because he did not feel that his particular condition was sufficiently serious. There’s something cursed in the kingdom of The Fatal Weapon . Finally, with efforts made on both sides, things are more or less cash in order. The schedule of the actor was created, his diet better respected and his action sequences lightened (the mr. has exceeded 50 years of age).
But the series itself would recover from the loss of Martin Riggs and regain a sense of stability after all these upheavals ? The mechanics of The Weapon work on the antagonism of its main characters. The buddy cop show where opposites attract. On one side the head, burned, suicidal, on the other the careful pantouflard. This gives a dynamic comic effective, but on the bottom, it is the character of Riggs, which attracts fascination and interest in and to, when one of Murtaugh seems to be more out of the trays in a sitcom. Then, replace Riggs with a character similar, the repetition wasn’t it a little forced ? Ray Mickshaw/FOX

A new duo, The authors might have chosen to reverse the roles. Do the Murtaugh character arsonist, and the new kid someone asked, the image of the eighth season of The X Files who saw Scully theorizing implausible when Doggett was hyper-cartesian. This would probably have made a lot of changes at once. And one can understand the production of not wanting to break a formula that works. We swapped so a hothead to a version less directly dramatic (not of a woman murdered while she was pregnant), without psychotherapy session but it preserves the idea of the character tortured : Wesley Cole is a former CIA agent, who seeks to side with the forces of the order of Los Angeles (in uniform), after a lifetime of one country to kill people in the name of Uncle Sam. There is no doubt from the presentations that his plans will not unfold smoothly.

There was every reason to fear that the transplant was not going to make conditions a little forced, the difficulty to get behind the interpretation strong of Crawford , most of the choice of Seann William Scott , lord Stifler, who has particularly shone in the cinema for his roles benêts more or less endearing. And yet it works ! Without being a wild originality, its character work, helped by the natural appeal that gives off the actor. Cole quickly finds its brands and the series plays in a skilful way with the idea of two wild beasts which must be tamed (and includes the viewer, who must redo his work for the acceptance of a new character). Without being as intense as with Riggs, in particular, because the series chooses to accentuate the side lonely Cole, the couple stirs sufficiently the streets of Los Angeles for that found a large part of what has made the success of the series : the generous action, a touch of humour (not always very end) and of relaxation.

A character well-integrated with The need to plan the schedule for Damon Wayans has probably forced the authors to focus the story arcs are the strongest on Cole (with the possibility to build his character more quickly). And for a first introduction, after a single season, there’s a lot of shadows to explore. His past with the CIA, his childhood with his mother, photo-journalist, his love story, his difficult relationship with his daughter, the character ends up having more depth in a season that Murtaugh in three. It must be said that next to Roger, the season hums with an accumulation of commonplaces family well dispensable. To a Cole, who expands by and for itself, it has to deal with a Murtaugh that no longer exists in its relationship to the other. John P Fleenor/FOX

There’s nothing new under the sun of L. A.-Side surveys, it is of the classic. L’abcdaire du cop show to networks (the large national chains in the us) is respected to the letter. Murders, drugs, thefts, the series will not attempt to fix what is not broken. Lethal Weapon, remaining The lethal Weapon , we shall nevertheless be able to rely on his passion for the sheet metal crumpled, race-suits, the fight sequences, the gunfights, which gives this side of the 90’s which would make them nostalgic for those who watched the Los Angeles Heat (rip off more or less assumed the franchise film of lethal Weapon). The specification is, therefore, fully met even if we would have liked a bit more of risk taking or ambition. It is wise, very wise as if the authors were more concerned (and stressed) to accept this new character to the public. Only the last episode will be a little more level with an atmosphere and sequences that are approaching cautiously to the films of Richard Donner.

What is the future for Murtaugh, Cole and the others ? At the time of this writing, no information has yet been released about the future of the series, or, if season 4 there should be, Damon Wayans rempilera for an additional year. The tensions between him and the production seems to have calmed down. Everything seems returned to normal, remains to be seen if FOX hears it from this ear. The last episode, without the cliffhanger, vicious left the door wide open, without offering actually output to Murtaugh. Matt Miller, the showrunner, is confident with the idea of continuing the adventure. The action series is experiencing a new youth with S. W. A. T., SEAL Team, the remake of Magnum, or even that of MacGyver, there seems to be a public applicant. Elements favourable to a renewal. In the meantime, The lethal Weapon has managed to overcome its biggest challenge : being able to forget Riggs and Crawford for one season. This is not necessarily better without him, but the result is effective. The point is to ask whether it is the good actor who has left the series, a duet Cole-Riggs, this would have been particularly attractive. Season three is broadcast every Tuesday evening on TF1 from march 12.

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